Kindred Roots Farm

"Food For Thought" - "Thought For Good Clean Food"

Our Story
We've loved every minute of our journey

Kindred Roots Farm is a family owned business that is ran by Doris & Christopher Abjornson plus wonderful friends and family.  We are both self taught hydroponic farmers that have been testing are skills now for three years. When the opportunity arouse  to be able to rent a greenhouse with majority of the set up ready made, we took the plunge to live out a dream to become farmers. We live by a saying "A community isn't a certain area, race, or belief, Community is all the different people that are willing to take part to make a change." This is the dream that Kindred Roots Farm follow to bring the love of food, family, friends together. We bring you sustainable, ethically, eco-friendly grown greens and herbs to complements a healthy lifestyle. We would like to share our love of farming and eating ethically with all those that are willing to take part. Kindred Roots is growing in Orange, New Jersey since April 2017 and with your help and support would like to be here for a long time.